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We have been busy bird-proofing as pest birds are nesting actively this time of the year. The only two birds which choose solar panels as their home are pigeons and mynah's.

1. Reduced Energy Efficiency:

2. Potential Damage to Wiring:

3. Hygiene and Health Risks:

4. Fire Hazard:

5. Voided Warranties and Maintenance Challenges:

I have attached some recent photos below of some pigeon infestations under installs. These are largely all in Auckland, mostly built-up suburbs close to the city. If we get to a pigeon job within a few months of them moving in, we can move them on fairly quickly. If it's been left for an extended period of time, the problem turns into an infestation and they become amazingly stubborn. We have been humbled many times by pigeons.

Mynah's we get in all the new rural subdivisions. Where farmland has been sectioned up. Bombay, Cambridge, wider Tauranga etc.

One thing we are noticing is that some recent installs have a gap in the rows. I have attached some photos below for reference. This didn't used to be a common practice, so we are not sure why some installers must find some benefit in the practice. The observation we are finding is that these systems seem to have bird issues on a higher frequency. I can only guess it's to do with having more entry and exit points, hence making them feel safer. The job, to then successfully bird-proof these systems is much more difficult and therefore costly.

Here is a link to a video explaining what we do to prevent birds from nesting.

Video Link of a recent customer with a Pigeon Infestation

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