Eco Shine Solar Ltd - NZ’s first Solar Panel Cleaning Robot (VIDEO)

Whangārei, New Zealand, 15 February 2024

Eco Shine Solar's Robotic Innovation Boosts Solar Efficiency by 35% in NZ's First Automated Clean.

Eco Shine Solar founded by brothers Edwin, Sam, and Ben O’Dea, has successfully completed New Zealand's first project using an advanced solar panel cleaning robot.

The Robot is designed and manufactured in Luxembourg and is the first of its kind to be imported into New Zealand. Traditionally solar panel cleaning is done with water fed poles and manual brushing.

The adoption of the Solar Panel Cleaning Robot is a leap forward in maintaining renewable energy systems, offering a safer, more efficient, and automated cleaning solution. This innovation comes at a crucial time as the solar industry in New Zealand experiences rapid growth, yet faces challenges with underperformance due to inadequate maintenance.

Proper cleaning of solar panels is crucial, as incorrect methods can void warranties and diminish the system's effectiveness. Eco Shine Solar's use of the solar panel cleaning robot ensures that panels are maintained to the highest standard, safeguarding against potential damage and warranty issues. This approach not only benefits the immediate customer but sets a precedent for solar panel maintenance across New Zealand.

About Eco Shine Solar:

About Eco Shine Solar:Eco Shine Solar is a family-owned, New Zealand-based company specialising in professional cleaning and maintenance of solar panel systems.

Founded by a trio of brothers, two of whom are proud bronze medalists from the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Eco Shine Solar is a family-owned business committed to enhancing the efficiency and longevity of solar installations across New Zealand.

Contact:Sam O'Dea

Eco Shine Solar

Phone: 0272694815

Email: [[email protected]]


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