Electrical License Endorsements for parallel generation which includes Solar & BESS

Safety of electrical workers, consumers and property are of paramount importance to the electrical industry. SEANZ collaborates with the EWRB to ensure risks and appropriate solutions are developed for the solar and BESS industry and we are pleased to announce this important change to electrical worker licensing to recognise and address the additional risks and competency requirements associated with high-risk work.Electrical License Endorsements for parallel generation, including Solar & BESS, are being implemented this year by the EWRB and endorsed by SEANZ, to improve overall safety and quality outcomes for our industry and consumers.
Key points for are:
  • EWRB are putting in play a stepped licencing pathway for registered electrical workers
  • This means additional licencing requirements for solar and BESS under “parallel generation systems” will be required, with an endorsement class added to your electrical practicing licence
  • It is planned and gazetted to take effect from September 2024
  • EWRB have informed us there will be a 1 year transition period
  • SEANZ is working with EWRB on this endorsement class for competency including the following options.
  • Completion of a SEANZ endorsed NZQA micro credential training course, OR
  • Recognition of Prior Learning, (grandfathering process). Given many installer members are well experienced, proof of quality work and certification for assessment will be used.
  • And a Continuous Professional Development points system to maintain the endorsement.
This will improve industry capability, members competency and identify those who may need assistance.

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