Electricity Authority Consultation - Multiple trading relationships

powerlines.jpgThe Electricity Authority are exploring the barriers for consumers to access more than one service/use multiple service providers (eg a retailer and a P2P provider or a combo of these) for electricity-related supply at the ICP level. The objective being to help consumers access more cost-effective supply and better services – from retailers, P2P suppliers, neighbours, lines cos......

Innovation and development are needed to improve services to consumers to take advantage of new tech & business models. The regulatory framework needs to accommodate this and the whole thing can only happen if everyone in the space works together.

SEANZ is formulating a submission and all SEANZ members are encouraged to do the same. 

Some of the key points we will be addressing are:

  • ICP smart meters capability and limitations
  • Current industry rules & processes may and can limit how a consumer can benefit from technological developments which enable business model developments that help consumers
  • Allowing providers to access an ICP/consumers demand and supply data

Submissions close 27th Feb 2017 - full consultation paper and submission details are available at https://www.ea.govt.nz/development/work-programme/evolving-tech-business/multiple-trading-relationships/



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