New directions set for standards at Energy Sector Forum

Recently, a forum of New Zealand energy sector stakeholders met to provide feedback about the processes, culture and direction of the standards used by and impacting the sector. The outcomes of that forum are published in this report by Standards New Zealand.

Stakeholders, including industry bodies, government representatives, regulators, consumers, and academics, were asked questions like:

  • Can energy sector stakeholders adequately engage in the development of standards?
  • Are standards meeting New Zealand's needs?
  • Which standards and new technologies should be the focus during the next five year period?

Outcomes from this feedback include :

  • Initiatives to expand the reach of standards, and make them simpler and more accessible.
  • Enhancing and growing opportunities to train stakeholders in the content of the standards.
  • Providing better long-term strategic communications which can inform stakeholder to support development of standards.

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