Entelar Energy Best Medium Business Award 2023

This category recognises business excellence within the renewable energy market segment. It celebrates businesses that have developed and grown whilst making a positive contribution to society, the industry and all stakeholders – customers, employees, and shareholders.

Winner: ESolar


Founded in 2009, we're a family-owned solar technology company that's grown from a single member to a team of six experts. We specialize in cutting-edge solar solutions, serving eco-conscious individuals, families, and businesses. Our offerings include on-grid, hybrid, and off-grid residential systems, as well as commercial solutions. We prioritize high-end, ethically sourced products and exceptional customer service. Our aim is sustainable business growth while maintaining quality and ethical standards. We're dedicated to meeting unique customer needs and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future through premium, eco-friendly products.

With a resilient presence since 2009, we've not only maintained consistent profitability but have achieved a remarkable milestone of increasing our annual turnover by one million dollars for the past three years. We've played a pivotal role in nurturing the growth of the New Zealand solar industry, particularly during its infancy, where we trained and supported emerging solar companies, contributing significantly to the industry's expansion. We've grown hand in hand with the solar sector from its earliest stages, and our stellar reputation for consistently delivering exceptional outcomes. Our commitment to ethically sourcing products underscores our focus on responsible business practices.

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Runner Up: Tū Mai Rā Energy

Tū Mai Rā Energy (TMRE) is a solar company that oversees the entire solar process, from design to installation, with a well-equipped warehouse and specialized installers. We cater to a diverse customer base, including residential, commercial, and off-grid clients. TMRE aspires to lead the community energy sector, addressing power poverty for low-income and vulnerable whanau, particularly those in rural areas burdened by high energy costs. Our goal is to reduce power poverty by increasing access to renewable energy through innovative financial models and technology, boost renewable energy adoption, and enhance the lives of low-income and vulnerable communities.

TMRE's success is rooted in its cultural strategy approach. The company's commitment to community energy sharing models, collaborative solar projects, and fostering cultural competence among employees highlights its dedication to holistic growth, sustainability, and positive societal impact.

This year over 100+ low income and vulnerable homes have benefitted from our solar systems. In a recent project, a whanau member shared, "With solar, we no longer have to drive miles into town to wash our clothes, and we can sit around the table at night and eat dinner as a family." For TMRE, making life-changing impacts takes precedence above all else.

Tū Mai Rā Energy whanāu posing in grass   marae with solar panels on roof from above

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