Expressions of Interest for Solar Power Service Providers

Another council has joined a growing number of others in providing support for its ratepayers to install Solar PV.

Marlborough District Council is adding Solar PV to its existing energy efficiency funding service. The Council is seeking to improve air quality and affordability of home clean heating, insulation, water heating and energy supply by helping homeowners with the costs of installation through its energy efficiency funding service.

The scheme allows homeowners to pay the costs of installation over a period of nine years via a targeted rate in addition to their current rates.

Marlborough District Council invites expressions of interest from solar power service providers who are members of Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand (SEANZ).

If you are interested in participating you can contact Merryl Hodgson at on Ph: 03 520 7400 or via email [email protected] by 14 February 2019.


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