The fine print

Sustaining Membership applicants must provide references from two current SEANZ members who support your application. The references must be either a Director or Principal of a SEANZ Corporate or Sustaining Member company. Providing SEANZ references will expedite your application.

Corporate or Individual applicants do not require references.

Please read the following conditions and confirm acceptance by signing off the application on Page 3:

  • By lodging this application, you agree that SEANZ may complete any appropriate checks regarding your business and/or its activities.
  • By lodging this application, you understand and agree that the decision by SEANZ to grant you membership is final and no further discussion will be entered into and the resulting decision will not be contested or disputed in any form.
  • Successful applications will be contacted in the first instance by email. Please ensure an email address is provided on the previous page of this document.
  • Should your membership be approved, you agree to pay the applicable SEANZ membership fees on receipt of invoice from SEANZ. The membership fee is payable for the full financial year, irrespective of the month of membership approval. 
  • As part of the membership package, Corporate and Sustaining members will benefit from publication of their trading details in the Directory of the SEANZ website. This must be completed by the member using their SEANZ member’s login. The login will be issued once membership is approved and after current fees are paid.
  • SEANZ membership automatically confirms your agreement to participate and provide accurate and timely information about your business activities in the annual SEANZ member’s survey as per the SEANZ Code of Conduct. The information is used for industry measurement, public relations and lobbying purposes only. The survey is completed by a third party, and SEANZ only sees and receives the aggregated data. All participants receive a copy of the completed survey. 
  • Should your membership be approved, you agree to be bound by the SEANZ Rules of the Association and the SEANZ Code of Conduct.
  • To ensure standards are maintained to meet industry "best practice" competency levels, for renewable electricity system installations, and for protection of the industry and consumers, the SEANZ Code of Conduct for supplier, designer, integrators and installers in the electricity industry has been developed.
  • Compliance with the SEANZ Code of Conduct is paramount and integral to SEANZ membership. Failure to work and abide by the SEANZ Code of Conduct may result in your SEANZ membership being withheld or revoked accordingly.
  • SEANZ reserves the right to appoint a third party to investigate any breach of any part of the SEANZ Code of Conduct.