Napier Intermediate Students enlist Freenergy Solar

Man posing in front of solar panels on top of school.

The exciting thing about this project is it was driven by the students themselves. They researched solar energy, made some cost-saving calculations and looked at what some other countries are doing.

We installed a 70 panel 21kW onto Napier Intermediate School in the sweltering heat last week - how exciting for the 2017 year 7 students to return and see their project a reality. They will continue to study both the financial and environmental benefits of this system.

The project was so successful the BOT authorized the next phase and we were lucky enough to secure the contract through our product knowledge, quality equipment and our commitment to continue to work alongside the students in an educational role as they see their concept become reality.

Our solar modelling software calculates we will generate 32'000kw/h year, with a 19% return on assets the system will pay for itself in under 6 years.

A big thank you to The Principal, Miss Philips, all the students and the Board of Trustees for the drive, Dougan Larkworthy Team Architects for the architectural assistance and of course our team of quality installers who braved the heat on the roof.

If you are considering solar for your school, commercial premises or home, we will be happy to discuss your options and provide a detailed performance model and accurate ROI.

Panels on Napier Intermediate School

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