From Sustainable Electricity, to Sustainable Energy - SEANZ Name Change

SEANZ has a new name - Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand! 

Changing our name from Sustainable Electricity to Sustainable Energy may seem minor, in fact, you might have thought that was our name already, but we think it is important. It reflects our broadening scope of interest, the broadening technologies and business models of our members, and broadening public support for sustainable energy solutions that place smart homes and businesses as the cornerstone of our future energy network. 

Electric vehicles are changing the landscape of our electricity network. Solar PV to EV charging, EV to grid discharging, EV integration into grid-tied home and business energy management systems - these all blur the lines between electricity and energy. 

Monitoring, IoT, P2P services, energy efficient appliances, diverters, mini & micro-grid development, battery storage, demand management, and grid services - the convergence of these technologies, their impacts and the necessary collaboration between our members. SEANZ is bringing it all together. 

You will see us advocating harder in the interests of consumers, and our members, who want smart energy technologies that lower costs, lower carbon, and provide a more resilient energy future.

SEANZ Members please find our new logo on the Members Resources page of our website.

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