Harmony Energy to build Waikato's largest solar farm

Harmony Energy builds, owns and operates solar, wind and battery energy storage assets to assist in the creation of renewable energy systems.

It has successfully developed renewable projects across multiple technologies throughout the United Kingdom and has the go ahead to build the Waikato's largest solar farm in 2024. The solar farm at 147 MW will be the largest in the country when completed.

In this recent article from NZ Herald's Jamie Gray, Harmony director Pete Grogan said "We are thrilled this important renewable development can now proceed,"

"Renewable energy is critical to mitigate the negative impact of climate change and help support New Zealand's net zero ambitions," Grogan, a New Zealander who co-founded Harmony, said.

SEANZ Chairman, Brendan Winitana stated that “Harmony Energy sets the benchmark for solar farms in Aotearoa given their clear reputation and position for setting high standards relating to project transparency, close community, Iwi and hapu engagement, ecological and habitat considerations, planting, aesthetics as well as safety factors”. He added that “SEANZ is working to ensure these factors are considered in future solar farm developments for this country”.

As part of the SEANZ group, SEANZ congratulates Pete Grogan and Harmony Energy on this achievement.

Read the full article here

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