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A SEANZ member can talk you through the key financial costs and benefits of installing a solar energy system.

Here are a few key points to consider:

  • This solar generation is defined in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Every kWh you generate and use is one less you have to buy from the grid.

  • The price paid for electricity from the grid varies from region to region. The more you pay (c/kWh or c/unit) the more you will save per kWh you produce, from solar.

  • Used by household appliances and heating water - this is called self-consumption. The more solar electricity you consume, the better your return

  • Sent to a battery bank or used to charge an Electric Vehicle (EV)

  • Sent or exported to the grid, where the solar electricity is purchased for a low price by some retailers. Exporting electricity should be kept to a minimum for the best financial outcome


  • The size of your household/premises
  • The percentage of electricity generated that you can consume
  • Change the time when you use power-hungry appliances
  • Use simple timers placed on appliances set to operate during the day when solar is generating
  • Use automated internet-enabled in-home technologies with smartphone app access
  • Consider a Home Energy Management System(HEMS) that enables automatic operation of certain appliances, can divert solar electricity to heat your water, into home batteries, or into an electric vehicle and minimise the electricity you export to the grid.

infographic showing key benefits of using a solar installer

These technologies are now commonplace, and as their costs continue to fall they may make sense for you.

It's important to understand that every house and household are different, so you will need to get a SEANZ member around to understand your needs and the specifics of your home.

They are qualified to help you scope, construct and deliver the outcomes you require. SEANZ members can supply the most appropriate technology for your specific circumstance, be it solar, battery storage, mini-wind, micro-hydro, home energy management systems, EV charging, hot water, or any other on-site energy requirement. SEANZ members can recommend the best technology and design the best system for you.

  • scope out the project including your electricity demand usage
  • recommend the best technology to use and implement
  • define external requirements - resource consents, building permits etc if required
  • design the system
  • install and implement the system
  • they may coordinate arrangements with your retailer and lines company

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