Industry Perspectives: A view from New York

SEANZ Chair Brendan Winitana was recently invited to speak on a panel with Rory Christian, Director of New York Clean Energy at the Environmental Defense Fund, one of the world’s largest environmental organisations, with more than two million members and a staff of 550 scientists, economists and policy experts; and Dr Stephen Batsone, Director Sapere Research Group.

The panel was hosted by Auckland Network provider Vector and invited the panelists to discuss the opportunities for greater consumer choice and control within the energy sector, how to help New Zealand meet its Paris climate agreement commitments, and the impact on electricity prices from emerging technology.

Rory shared his insights into how forward-thinking reforms of the energy sector in New York – broadly known as ‘Reforming the Energy Vision’ – have accelerated the adoption of new technology and helped bring clean, efficient and reliable power to more people in one of the world’s largest cities.

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