Kirriemuir Farm by Sunergy Solar

Kirriemuir Farm is a perfect example of how solar can work for your dairy farm. The installation was completed October 2018. Since the system has been up an operational the dairy farmer has managed to move particular loads to a more central part of the day taking advantage of any excess energy that is not used for the refrigeration or effluent pump. Fronius Solar.web monitoring allows the customer to see both the production of solar and the consumption of energy on his farm.



System Size: 50.05kWp
Inverters: 2 x Fronius Eco 25
Install Date: October 2018
Customer: Russel Preston

Solar Plant facts:
This system will produce around 46% of the farms daytime load.
The panels were installed in a East/West format as this matched up to better generation for the twice a day milking format of the farm.
It has a projected annual output of 48,380 units.


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