McNae Energy and Solar - PV and Battery Case Study

This is what Dr David Wilde from Foxton Beach had to say about his solar and battery installation...

"I first became interested in solar generation several months back, the main drivers being an escalating bill for supplied electricity, a large house, and living in an area with relatively high sunshine hours. Other considerations were an interest in electric vehicles with the opportunity of utilising renewable energy, and a general concern for the welfare of the planet.

Solar Inverters on garage wall. It is not in my nature to rush these decisions, and so I carefully researched the available options, and asked many many questions. While there is a great deal of information available via numerous websites, McNae Electrical Solutions were particularly helpful in facilitating this process, and allowing me to obtain unbiased and independent information to enable a decision.

As there are basically two main types of inverter systems currently in use, and numerous options for battery storage, (in my view an essential component of any PV system ), it was important to choose a system in which all components were compatible, additions could be made seamlessly, and performance monitoring was intuitive and user-friendly. Hence the decision to choose the Enphase system, using microinverter technology, and the Enphase AC batteries.

McNae Energy and Solar were not only very competitive with their pricing, but had the advantage of being a well established local company, experienced in solar installations, and with very knowledgeable and approachable staff.

The installation of the system presented some challenges for the electricians, who made an excellent job of running cables almost invisibly, and fitting the batteries without compromising aesthetics.

The company has been very professional in their approach to supplying and installing this system, and I am very pleased with my decision to engage McNae Energy and Solar for this project."

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