New Energy Showcase and Training Day

Slide from Technology Showcase presentationSEANZ presents the Technology Showcase - A day of workshops featuring the latest in solar, storage, EV, and home energy management technology and our industry expo with leading manufacturers and suppliers bringing you the latest products. SEANZ will also be presenting the latest standards updates with a focus on the latest for battery storage.

This is a free day for all of the industry. Lunch and refreshments supplied - RSVP essential - see below.

This is the first of three days of the SEANZ 2017 Generating Connections Conference. Register for the full event here

What's On?

  • EV’s are set to sweep across the New Zealand landscape and solar installers have a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of this exciting change. YHI Senior Sales Engineer Aaron Gillon presents.
  • YHI Solar Product Manager Brian Crum speaks about technology developments aimed at increasing efficiency in PV systems plus STORAGE! - the when, the why and the how of battery use in grid-connected solar system’s and how to maximise your customer's solar generation, as well as commercial Hybrid applications and retrofitting storage to an existing system.
  • The way we consume and generate energy is changing and the solar industry needs to look at both hardware and software as a combined value proposition for homes and businesses. Learn about the Enphase Home Energy Solution which seamlessly integrates generation and storage, offering the simplest and most effective solution for your customers. Get an introduction to the next generation Enphase IQ™ Microinverter System which makes installations simpler and faster. Find out how easy it is to get started with Enphase with some nifty install tricks.
  • PowerGenius Founder Ben Stanton and Sales Director Simon Dickson on the technical aspects and capabilities of PowerGenius alongside the customer benefits and how you can leverage both as a point of difference to generate more connections for your business. The functionality and capability of PowerGenius; what and how it monitors, controls and reports energy utilisation within the home. An installation overview, including hardware installation and enabling the technology through software setup. We will also take a look at the future of PowerGenius technology.
  • PowerGenius sales as a service. The customer value proposition; how the customer will benefit from the installation of PowerGenius i.e. the value you will add to their solar investment. As well as covering the best way to utilise PowerGenius as a point of difference for your business to acquire new customers and reconnect with existing customers. He will also take a look at the PowerGenius installer support and customer service model.

Our Industry Expo will have permanent stands featuring the latest from the PV, Storage, EV-charging, and home energy management world brought to you by:

  • YHI
  • Taspac
  • Power Genius
  • Selectronic
  • Independent Power
  • Century Yuasa
  • SolarCity
  • Tesla
  • Fronius

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