New Solar PV Report from Transpower

Transpower power linesTranspower released research that finds New Zealand’s power system is in a good position to enable a significant increase in renewable electricity generated from solar PV.

In summary “we found that the existing New Zealand power system is an enabler: the core transmission network can accommodate significant solar PV in addition to the existing generation mix and present demand for electricity”. That’s great news thanks, Transpower.

With an increasing amount of solar, the research examined how significant amounts of this distributed, variable electricity generation could affect the operation of the National Grid as it displaces generation from other sources.

General Manager System Operator John Clarke said the research results were positive. “Overall, we found that the existing New Zealand power system can accommodate significant levels of solar PV in addition to the present generation mix and demand for electricity. This is due to the inherent capability of the system to provide two-way power flows (from north to south, and south to north) and for hydro-generation to cover short-term variations in electricity generation from other sources.”

“We did this research to understand how to avoid potential difficulties and ensure that the National Grid will enable electricity consumers to use the technologies they choose,” he said. “Our research did not consider specific impacts for local distribution networks where there may be issues we have not considered. We focused on the overall transmission system and power system operation.”

This supports the increase in the value of solar as uptake continues and more consumers make the choices that work for them for whatever reason.

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