Revolve Energy Best Grid-Connected PV System Award 2023

A grid-connected renewable system must be connected to the national grid and include onsite renewable generation and it may also include energy storage and load control in the system.

Winner: Sunergise
for Parliament House, Wellington, New Zealand

A 204-kilowatt Grid Connect Solar Energy System was supplied and installed at Parliament House to reduce load on the main switchboard, lower carbon emissions, and promote renewable energy. This involved designing, certifying (PS1, PS2 & PS4), and ensuring safety for a quality installation. It had to integrate with existing Building Management System and backup generators, posing security and wiring challenges. The installation involved various stakeholders, including Parliamentary Services, Stephenson & Turner, The Building Intelligence Group, and Gamcorp, with a strong focus on documentation control and dedicated project management to ensure meticulous adherence to all aspects of the project.Sunergise collaborated closely with Parliamentary consultants and the Wellington City Council to ensure the 204-kilowatt Grid Connect Solar Energy System at Parliament House met heritage and Parliamentary Services' stringent requirements. The selection of equipment was meticulous, considering ethical material sourcing, manufacturing processes, warranty, and visual impact on the heritage building. REC TwinPeak Black solar panels were chosen for their low-reflective, black-edged appearance that seamlessly blended with the roof's aesthetics.

SMA Solar Inverters were employed due to their industry-leading reputation. The installation involved bespoke-designed timber plinths, meeting PS4 standards and subject to Wellington City Council inspections, overlaid with weather-tight membrane. Cables from the inverters to the bespoke PV-DB followed PS4 standards, accounting for Parliament House's seismic foundation alterations, allowing for building movement.
The system design had to harmonize with backup generators crucial for Parliament's continuity during grid outages or emergencies. This complex design incorporated additional fail-safes due to Parliament House's critical importance. Integration with the building management system required intricate planning, close coordination with Parliamentary Services and their IT department.
In summary, Sunergise meticulously designed and installed the solar energy system at Parliament House, considering heritage and safety requirements, ethical considerations, and complex integration needs, ensuring a seamless and reliable renewable energy solution for this iconic institution.

Solar installations on government buildings send powerful messages about sustainable energy. Sunergise took on the task of installing solar panels at Parliament House, aiming to showcase solar energy without disrupting daily operations and maintaining top-level security. The project, the most complex and challenging for the team in New Zealand, went beyond its size, requiring intricate design and implementation. It serves as a significant achievement not only for Sunergise but also for the broader solar community in New Zealand, highlighting the importance of renewable energy at a national level.


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Runner up: ESolar
for Tasman Residential PV System

In collaboration with our client, we designed a comprehensive scope of work that met their unique requirements. It was to involve the installation of a ground-mounted solar system, preserving the aesthetics of their two-story home. The primary goal was to offset the summer energy consumption generated by both the home and Airbnb on the property. Despite the property's three-phase connection, the client wanted to incorporate battery backup for enhanced reliability.
To maximise solar consumption, hot water control integration was discussed. While also making provisions for future electric vehicle charging and expandable emergency circuit power, ensuring adaptability to changing energy needs.

To seamlessly integrate solar power without compromising the aesthetic of our clients two-story home, we opted for a ground-mounted frame. This innovative design, recessed into the hillside, not only maintains the visual appeal of their property but also ensures that their solar panels receive optimal sunlight exposure. This approach maximizes energy generation. The solar system features two Fronius 6kW inverters, each serving a distinct purpose. The 6kW Gen 24 Plus inverter is dedicated to the red phase, offering full emergency backup capabilities. This means that even during power outages or low-sunlight periods, the essential night loads and emergency circuits receive back up supply.
For energy storage and backup power, we integrated the BYD HVM 13.8kWh Battery with the 6kW Gen 24 Plus inverter. This high-capacity battery not only provides reliable energy storage but is also expandable, accommodating future energy needs should they arise. With the potential to expand up to 56kWh, clients have the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements while maintaining a robust backup power source.
Efficient energy management was a top priority, and we achieved this through the integration of the Fronius OHM Pilot. This innovative technology communicates wirelessly with their home, specifically controlling hot water diversion. By optimising the use of excess solar energy for water heating, they reduce their reliance on conventional energy sources, leading to increased energy efficiency and cost savings. The use of Fronius products would allow easy integration of the Fronius Watt Pilot’s, enabling our clients seamless electric vehicle charging and adaptability in the future.
In conclusion, the design of this solar system reflects our commitment to delivering a tailored and sustainable energy solution that precisely meets our clients current and future energy needs. From preserving the aesthetics of their property to ensuring back up energy supply, optimising energy consumption, and providing room for future expansion, every element of this solar system has been thoughtfully selected to provide them with a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly energy solution.

This project exemplifies our commitment to excellence in solar solutions. We've surpassed our customer's expectations on multiple fronts:

Resilience: Our system provides full emergency backup, ensuring continuous power supply during outages.
Aesthetics: Thoughtful design preserves the property's beauty, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics.
Efficiency: Our solution maximizes energy generation and minimizes waste, benefiting both the environment and the customer's finances.
Smart and Cutting-Edge: Incorporating advanced technology, automation, and ethically sourced components showcases our dedication to innovation and sustainability.
By excelling in these areas, we've not only met but exceeded our customer's vision, making this project truly deserving of recognition.


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