SEANZ and World Solar rally to support out-of-pocket consumer

We've been working alongside our generous members World Solar NZ, The Lines Company and also Harvey Norman New Zealand to right the wrongs of a non-SEANZ member now the subject of 10 Commerce Commission complaints.

Many thanks to Corey, Doone and team at World Solar for stepping up to supply and install the system. A happy ending for Kimberley but not without a lot of stress and headaches for her along the way.

Our message is simple - always use a SEANZ member - you can find one here.

SEANZ is warning consumers to be wary of rogue solar installers. As with any fast developing industry - some unscrupulous providers seek to take advantage of consumers. SEANZ is putting more resources into exposing such behaviours to protect consumers and businesses. The risks are beyond financial, a risk to property and of personal injury or death if electrical equipment is not installed properly to the standards that NZ has in place. SEANZ contributes to the development of these standards and our message is simple - only use a SEANZ member.

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