SEANZ Completes Deal with Ministry of Education

SEANZ and the Ministry of Education have agreed that only SEANZ member suppliers and installers can supply and install solar PV and related technology to schools in New Zealand.

“With schools now being advised of this and many SEANZ members participating, it’s an excellent arrangement” says Brendan Winitana, SEANZ Chair. “Its benefits the schools with quality implementations built to standard by competent installers, protecting the schools investment in such, helps protect the MoE’s investment in buildings as they own the properties and SEANZ members benefit with business from the education sector”

Many existing schools with solar PV, focus on educating our children, on solar, energy management and the environment – and that’s a great benefit of schools using solar.

It’s a win/win for all parties.

SEANZ is currently in deliberations and negotiation with other sector groups to do the same thing.

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