Solar Electric Technology LQS Recomendation

I am delighted that I have been asked to provide a letter of recommendation for Lance at Solar Electric Technology. I have known Lance since 2016 and prior to this, the Directors of LQS and Health@132 have collaborated with Lance for approximately 6 years.

Lance first gave a quote for Solar installation at Health@132 some 6 years ago and he impressed the directors with his depth of knowledge and attention to detail. He provided an extensive brochure on what to expect in return for solar and how it would work. Since the installation 5 years ago we have found that it has out-performed what was initially expected, and the directors have been more than satisfied with the annual return.

When the time came to look at installation of solar at LQS I had no hesitation in contacting Lance and requesting his invaluable depth of knowledge and expertise. From the outset, I found Lance to be extremely attentive and enthusiastic when called upon to discuss any questions that I had. He has a strong work ethic, he is always helpful and displays positive inter-personal skills when working with tenants and myself, which was greatly appreciated. He was always reliable and would communicate his intentions every step of the way. Lance was asked to work closely with our maintenance people and roofing contractors and on this point he was professional and demonstrated an open mindset, allowing him to accept the ideas and concerns of those he was working alongside.

Lance’s meticulous attention to detail at all stages of work, was far beyond what was expected. Therefore, I and the directors of LQS and Health@132 would have no hesitation in recommending Lance & Solar Electric Technology.

Yours faithfully
Janette Haunch
Building Manager

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