Solar Will Save School Thousands Thanks to Isaac’s!


February 3, 2020

Solar Will Save School Thousands Thanks to Isaac’s!

Havelock North Primary is flicking the switch on sustainable energy, with a huge helping hand from Isaac’s Plumbing Pumping and Electrical.

The Pan Pac Supreme Business of the Year Award winners donated $25,000 towards the installation of a 20kw system, stage one of the school’s switch to solar energy.

This solution sets Havelock Primary School up for savings now and well into the future said Isaac’s Director Gavin Streeter.

“When teachers flick lights on in the classroom – they will be making the most of those new panels; It’s a saving from the start, and throughout their 25-year lifespan those savings just keep adding up,” he said.

“We are really proud to be supporting local, and teaching kids about sustainability. For our families, to give back to the school which gave our girls a great first few years of education is also really great. The staff and school board have been so proactive with our families, giving a donation that gifts for the next 25-years just feels right.”

Isaac’s worked closely with Duncan Bruce from Strata Group to ensure structural stability of school buildings throughout the panel install process.

Funds are yet to be raised for stage two – which will see another 60 solar panels fitted before the year is out.

Parents and the wider school community were being encouraged to contribute what they could, with one panel costing $225, and providing a saving of $2,500 over 25-years.

Havelock Primary Board of Trustees Chair Mike Lewis said benefits to the school were threefold – financial, educational and environmental.

“As part of the system, we will have a monitoring and education tool that teaches children about what’s happening with power and how they are using it,” Mr Lewis said.

“They’re learning what happens when they turn the lights off and can actually see the results and benefits over time.”

School and sunshine hours coincide, producing enough sustainable energy to keep kids cool throughout summer and cosy all winter, creating a happy and healthy learning environment.

“With these 30+ degree temperatures in Hawke’s Bay we can have the air conditioning on and it’s essentially free. We are also collecting power and feeding back to the grid when we’re not using it; we’re storing up power to use later!

“Panels continue to produce energy on weekends and school holidays when there’s not a lot of power consumed in a school - that trickle-down effect is exciting, and a great legacy to leave.”

Once the full 120 panel set up was complete, power savings were expected to hit $400,000 over the lifespan of 25 years.

“Through Isaac’s fantastically generous contribution and the support of the parent community funding the initial install cost, the school benefits for the life expectancy of the panels. It’s not just the students now that benefit, it’s potentially their children too,” Mr Lewis said.

Havelock North Primary School Principal Nick Reed said it was a fantastic resource that would teach children valuable lessons about preserving power, and free up funds.

“In schools, the cost of power is dead money, now we have more to spend on educational resources,” Mr Reed said.

“It’s also good for kids to learn how solar power can reduce costs in a climate where a power is often wasted. Sustainable energy has been on our agenda for years but the generosity of Gavin and his family means we can have it up front, without having to accumulate funds over time.”