Solarsun Solutions Limited - Rural Lifestyle - High End OFF-Grid Living

Objective: Provide a Renewable Energy Supply to a newly built Lifestyle home.

Challenges: The Utility Grid supply could not be delivered to the property due to underground rock causing havoc on drilling bits to get cable to the site.

The Solution: Design a quality, robust, scalable, off-grid solar PV system to connect to an existing 15kVa Generator. Battery storage to support nighttime loads and offer comfortable autonomy. The Generator will automatically start and charge the battery quickly when the weather is poor.


AC & DC Coupled Design:

Trina 510Watt Panels, Victron Multplus II 5KVA x 2, SmartSolar Charge Controller MPPT RS 450| 100 x 1 (DC Coupled) ABB Grid Inverter x 1 (AC Coupled) Dyness Battery Storage.

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