Solarsun Solutions Limited - Unlocking the Potential of Our Complex Solar System

Trevor from Solarsun Solutions is amazing! We have a complex grid-tied solar system with 65 panels, five wind turbines, and a 65 kWh lithium battery bank. After three frustrating years of costly so-called experts trying to commission and enable the system to run, we had a breakthrough when Trevor came into our lives. His professional, never-give-up attitude, and more importantly, years of solar experience, outshone all previous individuals. It became evident that the New Zealand solar industry is in its infancy, and hence, individuals haven’t a long history of solving complex systems. You cannot beat experience!! Thank you, Trevor, and I urge anyone thinking of solar systems or, like us, already have one, to get the best, get Solarsun Solutions. I am happy for Trevor to pass on our details if required.

Brendon & Janet Parker – Napier

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