Star-Delta Electrical Limited - One needs to get good honest advice...

When looking to make an investment into something of this nature, one needs to get good honest advice on something that we know little about.

The Solar Power Industry is becoming highly competitive in New Zealand for the consumers $ and really it is about the Solar Power provider trying to convince you that their system is the best, when really all they want is your business and they manipulate their quote to appease what they believe is going to get your business, rather than really is what is best (or not) for you.

We found Robin from Star Delta Electrical, absolutely sound, honest, transparent and above all wanting to give experienced advice for our particular circumstances and not for his commercial advantage. Star Delta’s delivery and workmanship was impeccable! - A rear commodity unfortunately we see today.

Believe me, and you can call me old school if you wish, but I have recently finished a new build project and our experience of so called customer service left a huge lot to be desired and often we did not feel to be the customer, but rather just the one that would pay the bill!- Not so with Star Delta Electrical

We highly recommend Robin and his team at Star Delta to anyone seeking honesty and good work delivery knowing that they will always be available in any after sales advice if necessary. Mike & Penny

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