Sunergy Solar - Halfmoon Bay School - Rakiura Stewart Island

In 2021 Sunergy worked with Halfmoon Bay School/ Te Kura o Rakiura to install a 19kW

solar power system including battery storage. The system has dramatically reduced energy

consumption, increased our energy resilience, helped us begin our journey of replacing non

renewable energy sources and reduced our carbon emissions.

Reducing reliance on fossil fuels fits particularly well with our school where the curriculum

has a strong emphasis on our local natural environment. Halfmoon Bay School/ Te Kura o

Rakiura is a silver EnviroSchool, committed to a long-term sustainability journey where our

students connect with and explore their environment, then plan, design and take action in

collaboration with the community. The installation of a (system) monitoring screen in our

school office and the work Andy and the team from Sunergy are doing around educating our

students means they can not only watch power being generated in real time but have an

understanding of the whole process.

We are totally rapt with the new system and can’t recommend Andy and the team highly

enough. From the initial planning and help with funding applications to the installation and

ongoing commitment to the Island and the education of our future rate payers they have been


Nga mihi

Kath Johnson

Teaching Principal

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