Sunergy Solar - Oaklands Milk - Decarbonisation project

Oaklands Milk engaged Sunergy Solar in 2020 to install a 50kW rooftop system on their milk factory in Stoke (Nelson). In 2022 Oaklands decided to decarbonise their water heating system. Sunergy worked with Marcus at Eco Hot Water to re design the water heating system for the plant; which consisted of 2 x hot water heat pumps for the warm water and 90kW of electric elements to heat the process water. A 220kW ground mount array was installed to run the new water heating system and the rest of the site. The decarbonisation project saves Oaklands 11t of CO2 and approximately $6000 in LPG costs per month.

Sunergy Solar won the 2022 Best Environmental Impact Award for the Oaklands Project.

System Size - 271kW total

Panels - Seraphim 440W

Inverter(s) - Fronius Eco

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