Sunergy Solar - Westburn School - Susan Jennison

From our very first contact with Sunergy Solar we knew we were dealing with passionate solar enthusiasts.

No question was too difficult or obscure for their team to answer and they were completely focused on

creating the perfect solution for our needs. They personalised the solution to our site, providing a range of

options for us to select from and clear identification of the benefits of each.

The installation was prompt and delivered on time, exactly as specified, with no disruption to our

functioning; the switchover to the system going live was seamless.

From the day our solar system was installed, we immediately began seeing benefits for our school. While this

was obvious in terms of financial savings, one of our key aims in purchasing the system was to share this step

in our sustainability journey with our students. They are now able to connect their knowledge to real-time

learning via our solar dashboard and to monitor the impact of our system over time and against

environmental variables.

The final touch was having Dan visit to provide our staff with insight into the capability and operation of the

system and interpreting the information that it provides. His enthusiasm and knowledge made the session

enjoyable for our staff and grew their confidence in using the dashboard with their classes.

From beginning to end, our connection with Sunergy Solar has been a positive partnership for our school.

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