Suntech Solar Online Training Webinar July 1


July 01, 2024 at 4:00pm - 5pm

This free online training webinar will showcase a deep-dive into Bifacial Modules.

The Suntech 440W BiFacial Solar Module & The Suntech 585W BiFacial Commercial Solar Module


Deep-dive into Bifacial PV Modules
What are Bifacial PV Modules? The physical specs and the terminology.
The factors influencing bifacial gain: the installation parameters to pay attention to.
How to model, simulate and design with bifacial modules: The desktop design, software tools and rule-of-thump quick calculations.
Outline the Rooftop and Utility applications of Bifacial modules highlighting the similarities and differences.
The financial implications: Energy yield gain potential and the extra revenue potential.

Suntech Company Overview:
Suntech is a famous globally leading PV module manufacturer established in 2001 who upheld the #1 position of shipment volume for majority of its company lifetime. Widely recognized as the pioneer of the solar industry due to being the first to have a low-cost high efficiency silicon crystalline solar module production line and kick-starting the boom we see today allowing solar generation to have the lowest LCOE of all power technologies. In its 23 years of operation Suntech has shipped over 50GW of modules globally through its 4 major manufacturing bases, present in over 100 countries which includes over 1500 partners and holds over 600+ patents. Our products are recognized and qualified by well-known 3rd party organization witness laboratory VDE & CNAS. Another point of difference includes Suntech's connection to the Australian market having been founded by an Australian from Sydney Dr Zhengrong Shi and holding the title for the oldest PV manufacturer present in Australia.



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