The Andrew’s Property in The Coromandel

Solar panels: 18 x 285W panels. Inverter: 5kW string inverter. Total cost: $10,990. Electricity price: $0.30. Solar export price: $0.08. Installation date: February 2018.

Finding a competitive price for a 5kW system, combined with a high self solar power self consumption rate, the Andrew household has managed to get a great financial return on their solar power system - with an impressive 15.62% return on investment.

The owners mentioned that the benefits weren’t only financial; they feel “a sense of self-satisfaction, happy in the knowledge that they are creating a clean and green source of energy”, and that they are “doing their bit in helping reduce New Zealand's carbon footprint - thereby helping maintain a healthy environment.”

The Andrew’s considered getting a larger system but batteries would have been needed, so they decided not to have batteries installed as the cost was just too high at the time.

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