The Clark’s Property in The Coromandel

Solar panels: 12 x 274W panels. Inverter: 12 x micro-inverters. Total cost: $9,580. Electricity price: $0.26. Solar export price: $0.12 . Installation date: February 2018.

The Clark household in the sunny coromandel are “happy with the solar power system, the performance of the system has met our expectations’.

The home owner said “it’s surprising to me that we end up exporting a fair amount of power”, which is 58% of the solar power they produce, which is quite a large portion. But at least they have a decent export rate from their chosen electricity retailer, “12 cents /kwh for the power we export which isn't bad.” Most other electricity retailers only offer 8 cents /kWh.

Since installing the solar power system the owners have noticed the “feel good” factor from going solar, “we get all the green benefits, plus it’s another way of reducing our costs.”

The Clark’s point out their concern that “more people are going to have electric cars, we have to
get the power from somewhere. I think we should be encouraging people all over nz to install them.”

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