The Donaldson’s Property in Rangitikei

Solar panels: 12 x 260W panels. Inverter: 12 x micro-inverters. Total cost: $10,266. Electricity price: $0.30. Solar export price: $0.08. Installation date: April 2016.

The Donaldson family were delighted to see the money they had saved on power after the first full year of installing the solar power system, with the family stating that the system performance is “good as gold” and that “the solar panels are working well!”

Like many owners of smart solar power systems, they wash their solar panels a couple of times a year to eliminate pollen build up and to maximise their solar panels performance.

Using as much solar power that they can during the day, the Donaldsons are shifting their energy load by putting on appliances, such as the dishwasher, at lunchtime.

On an environmental note, the owners stated they're “glad that they're not using power from other sources e.g. Huntly”, which they believe should have been shut down years ago.

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