The Elstone’s Property in The Hawkes Bay

Solar panels: 24 x 295W panels. Inverter: 10kW 3 phase inverter. Total cost: $21,999.01. Electricity price: $0.27. Solar export price: $0.08. Installation date: November 2017.

Using more that 21,000kWh a year, the Elstone property is one hefty power consumer! A large, 7.08kW system with 24 panels has made a positive difference as to how the family is powered at home, and the savings made from expensive grid power bills are substantial.

The Elstone’s believed by that installing solar power they could reduce their costs going into retirement, saying “We are retiring in a few years and want to get our power-bills down... and as we see it, (grid) power is never going to get any cheaper.”

When they decided to go solar, it wasn’t just an investment decision - there are many benefits, the owners say “Pay-back period is not necessarily the thing to focus on, it’s what the system will do for you in the future too.”

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