The Griffith’s Property in Auckland

Solar panels: 16 x 300W panels. Inverter: 5kW inverter. Total cost: $14,730. Electricity price: $0.29. Solar export price: $0.08. Installation date: November 2017

It has been over a year since Harrisons Energy installed a solar power system for the Griffith's home in Auckland. The Griffith’s have reported back saying they are “thrilled to date with the system.” The home experiences power cuts, so they will be adding a solar battery storage system at a later date.

During the quoting stage, the family informed Harrisons that a brand new pool was to be completed six months after the solar power system was to be installed. Harrisons factored in the expected increase in power demand when figuring out what system size they needed. In the first few months of the solar power system being installed, 60% of the power the solar system generated was exported to the grid. Since the pool heat pump was installed, the Griffith's now use 81.5% of the solar power and export only 18.5% to the grid. As solar power is more valuable if used in the household and not exported, they achieve a great return on investment at 10.4%.

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