The Gunston’s Property in The Kapiti Coast

Solar panels: 7 x 300W panels. Inverter: 3kW string inverter. Total cost: $9,361. Electricity price: $0.35. Solar export price: $0.11. Installation date: March 2018.

The Gunston household installed solar power to save money on power and for sustainability reasons, saying a key benefit for them is that it “provides a means of communication about energy sustainability with my community.”

The household doesn’t use any timers, but they aim to match their power demand to the solar power they have generated. They also have an iQ system installed on their hot water system.

The owners are very happy with the system so far, mentioning “at last, one feels slightly more in control of one's energy destiny.” They are also eagerly anticipating the day when they have a battery storage system installed.

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