The Hills' Property in Taupo

Solar panels: 10 x 290W panels. Inverter: 3.3kW String Inverter. Total cost: $10,675. Electricity price: $0.35. Solar export price: $0.08. Installation date: May 2018.

Since installing a solar power system last year, the Hills seem to be pretty chuffed with their solar system, stating “having put solar in we are happy with it, and are pleased to be a solar power system owners. The whole process from the start, to having it installed, was easy and efficient.”

Like many solar power system owners, the family noticed that one of the main benefits of installing a solar power system (aside from the financial benefits), is that “we are using something that is free and available through the day.”

When most of us think about reducing power bill costs, we tend to try and limit our power consumption habits - not the Hill Family, they mentioned that they are happy with the savings they are making, without having to cut down on using electrical household appliances. When running heat pumps in winter, and air conditioners in summer, the Hill family don’t worry as much as they used to. However they do point out that in order to save money on power bills they try to use larger appliances during daytime hours when solar is being produced.

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