The Johnson’s Property in Whangarei

Solar panels: 15 x 285W panels. Inverter: 5kW string inverter. Total cost: $13,849. Electricity price: $0.31. Solar export price: $0.08. Installation date: February 2018.

A solar power system could make a huge difference to Whangarei's sun drenched homes, especially with grid power prices being very expensive in the region - and this was no exception to the Johnson household. The owner said “At first, I didn't think I could afford solar - but now that I have solar panels
I have seen such a big difference in my power bill. My bill use to be over $500 a month, and now it's just over $100. There is a one bedroom flat on the property where my mum and dad live and the solar power
has helped reduce the cost of power for all of us.”

The grid-connected solar power system has allowed the home to have more independence from the grid, however, the owners stated “I would like to be completely independent from the energy companies, and my aim is to get a battery at some stage to make use of all the solar power we generate. Seeing the difference the solar panels have made means I have goals for the future; to become more energy independent.”

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