The Lorimer’s in The Coromandel

Solar panels: 18 x 285W panels. Inverter: 5kW string inverter. Total cost: $11,500. Electricity price: $0.32. Solar export price: $0.14 . Installation date: October 2017.

Based in the Coromandel, the Lorimer’s solar power system has meant so much more than just the financial gain, as they recently mentioned “it actually feels really good to be a solar owner, even though the payback might be quite lengthy, we feel we are helping the planet!!”
The family are also considering installing a battery at some stage “not for the financial payback-but because it would provide all our electrical requirements for the future, and quite honestly is the right thing to do.”

The Lorimer’s are slightly frustrated that there aren't more kiwis having solar installed, and “wish the government would come to the party - we are sure the long payback and low return for selling into the grid puts many people off going solar. We are watching new houses being erected ... and none of the new houses are solar ready. It defies logic.” They had a small hiccup with the system, they say “(the) inverter unit was tripping out and not being able to rejoin the grid.” This ended up being replaced by the original solar installation company (as it was under the 10 year guarantee), and it is now running fine.

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