The Yate’s Property in Auckland

Solar panels: 9 x 300W panels. Inverter: 9 x micro-inverters. Total cost: $9,940. Electricity price: $0.22. Solar export price: $0.08. Installation date: May 2017.

Despite using every available inch of their roof for solar power, the Yate's still have a need for more power generation, stating “With such a small roof area we can’t really cover our needs, but changes to our hot water timer means we are maximizing our solar usage.”

Although their roof size might not have the size to accommodate their solar power needs, every effort has been made to reduce their carbon footprint to help the environment, saying “We hope we are making a small contribution to reducing fossil fuel peak load electricity generation through our little bit of solar.”

After installing solar power, changing electricity patterns was important. Things like turning on appliances when the sun is out is one way to maximise solar power, “having solar has made me think more about all my power usage.” Since having solar power installed the family have reduced their overall power usage, which is fantastic.

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