Todd Generation takes stake in Sunergise NZ

Sunergise today announced that Todd Generation has taken a stake in Sunergise NZ to further increase the implementation of solar energy in New Zealand.

Sunergise NZ in partnership with Todd Corporation’s Nova Energy will offer renewable solar power to Nova business customers as well as other New Zealand businesses looking to move towards cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions.

“The energy landscape in New Zealand is changing and every company is looking to reduce its carbon emissions. As an energy supplier, adding commercial-scale solar is an obvious way for us to begin the transition from gas to renewables and help NZ’s leading companies meet their climate change commitments. The partnership will also bring very real economic benefits to our Nova customers,” said Todd Corporation Vice President of Downstream Energy, Babu Bahrithan.

Sunergise has almost a decade of experience in solar for businesses and governments across the Pacific and is one of New Zealand’s leading solar companies.

Sunergise CEO Paul Makumbe says, “Sunergise helped pioneer the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model for commercial clients which allows them to go solar without the need for cap-ex and creates immediate savings along with zero carbon emissions. We are currently providing solar for corporates as well as building utility-scale solar farms across the Pacific in partnership with New Zealand’s MFAT, the IFC and Governments of Fiji and Tonga. The time and economics are now right to bring the full-scale model to New Zealand. The Todd partnership and the synergies with Nova will give us the ability to more rapidly supply the NZ market with cost-effective renewable energy.”

Both Todd and Sunergise NZ see increasing opportunities ahead as New Zealand businesses move toward a climate-smart future.


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About Sunergise
Sunergise is a leader in full-service solar power systems for businesses and governments, providing custom design, financing, installation and monitoring. Founded in 2012 and servicing New Zealand, Fiji and the Pacific Islands, Sunergise is helping companies and communities make the change to sustainable energy. Please visit for more information.

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