Universal DG Connection Project

Addressing challenges in Grid Connection approval for Solar power systems in New Zealand

Recognising the numerous challenges our members face during the grid-connected application process, SEANZ has taken proactive steps to help alleviate these issues. As a first step, we conducted in-depth interviews with four solar companies to gain insights into their experiences regarding grid connection approval and the completion of residential solar power system installations. This document serves as a comprehensive summary of those interviews, shedding light on the common issues solar companies encounter.
SEANZ has communicated these findings to relevant entities such as EDBs/lines companies, EA, and EEA, intending to foster collaboration to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

As the next step, SEANZ is actively working on identifying practical solutions, including developing the suggestion of an Online Universal DG Connection Platform. This platform aims to streamline, digitise and automate the grid connection process for solar power systems, benefiting both the industry and consumers.

By addressing these concerns head-on, we strive to establish a more streamlined and efficient path for grid connection of solar power systems, benefiting the industry and consumers alike.

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