Emirates Team New Zealand Flexible Rooftop Solar

Nice work by SEANZ members Revolve Energy and Reid Technology with this first of its kind solar installation in New Zealand for Genesis Energy and Emirates Team New Zealand. 

Genesis is the Official Energy Partner for Emirates Team New Zealand. As part of it’s commitment to the team, Genesis has installed a first of its kind solar installation for New Zealand, fitting curved solar panels to the unique roof of the teams base. The solar installation was a year in the making, from planning, design, production, testing and installation

Re/volve Energy worked closely with Genesis, Emirates Team New Zealand, the building's owner, Regional Facilities Auckland and Moller Architects to find a solution to fit solar to this challenging roof. The panels were designed not only to suit the unique design of the building but to withstand the waterfront’s strong winds. Solar panels are typically rigid and bolted to the roof, due to the shape of the roof and roofing material this wasn’t suitable, so we bonded flexible solar modules.

Genesis Executive General Manager, James Magill says this was the perfect opportunity to install a renewable energy solution, in partnership with Emirates Team New Zealand, that was a long-term and sustainable.

“This project has been a labour of love for everyone involved and we are proud to have completed the install of New Zealand’s first curved solar panels at this scale to one of Auckland’s most iconic buildings. These panels will power Emirates Team New Zealand through their defense of the 36th America’s Cup and will supply the building with energy for many years to come,”

“New Zealand is already a world leader when it comes to renewable energy. This innovative use of technology showcases what our technical capabilities as a sector and is symbolic of what we can achieve when we collaborate and push the boundaries,” says Magill.

Grant Dalton, CEO of Emirates Team New Zealand is committed to driving innovation across all aspects of the business, while challenging partners to do the same - the installation of the solar panels is just that.

“We hold a shared vision with all of our sponsors and it’s awesome to see the effort Genesis has gone to. They have demonstrated their expertise in capabilities in renewable energy, as a result, we collectively hope to inspire like-minded companies to constantly push for innovation,” Dalton says.

Find out more about Re/volve Energy here

For more information and performance data see the Genesis website.

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