infographic showing key benefits of using a solar installer

These technologies are now commonplace, and as their costs continue to fall they may make sense for you.

It's important to understand that every house and household are different, so you will need to get a SEANZ member around to understand your needs and the specifics of your home.

They are qualified to help you scope, construct and deliver the outcomes you require. SEANZ members can supply the most appropriate technology for your specific circumstance, be it solar, battery storage, mini-wind, micro-hydro, home energy management systems, EV charging, hot water, or any other on-site energy requirement. SEANZ members can recommend the best technology and design the best system for you.

  • scope out the project including your electricity demand usage
  • recommend the best technology to use and implement
  • define external requirements - resource consents, building permits etc if required
  • design the system
  • install and implement the system
  • they may coordinate arrangements with your retailer and lines company

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