Northbridge Retirement Village - YEH Renewable Energy Consultants

The village is owned and operated by Northbridge Lifecare Trust.

Stage 1 is a mixed use building for self-contained apartments and communal areas, and stages 2 to 5 are 4 apartment buildings.

Stages 4 & 5 are under construction.

Solar power systems are connected to the village’s private electrical distribution network, to provide secure and affordable electricity to the village residents. Communal areas and amenities are also supported by the solar power and solar pool heating systems.

  • Customer Network including a combined power & heating plant
  • Solar power systems at a collective peak rating of 132.60kW

Annual power generation of 177,200kWh

  • Solar pool heating system rated 20.5kW consisting of 20 solar pool heating collectors

Annual heating generation of 19,400kWh


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