Best Grid-Connected Renewable System 2022

Winner: Sunergise for Kings Plant Barn

Kings Plant Barn wanted their new building to be covered in solar panels. Sunergise worked closely with the architect and a solar specialist structural engineer during the design phase to provide a visually beautiful, sleek profile, solar system that meets all building and electrical code requirements.

This bespoke, ground-breaking implementation integrated the solar panels to give a sleek profile, requiring design solutions that were the first of their kind in New Zealand. Select panels were placed purely for aesthetic reasons and mixed energy production with design considerations with a balanced, elegant approach.

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Runner-up: Vector Powersmart for Te Aponga Uira Project , Rarotonga

The Airport BESS(Lot1) was installed on Rarotonga’s electricity grid. The BESS will provide increased flexibility for the electricity utility TAU to manage the output of increasing capacity of renewable generation on the grid by storing solar generation during the day for use at night. In addition it provides grid support.  The Power Station BESS(Lot2) was installed and connected to the Rarotonga power stations main 11kV switchgear and SCADA. The BESS provides reserve capacity, voltage, and frequency support to the grid to enable more renewable generation. The BESS provides black-start capability to provide BESS/PV only power and increased grid-stability.

The Rarotonga Lot1 and Lot2 BESS projects are critical for Rarotonga to meets its renewable energy target of 100% renewable energy generation goal by 2025. The project provides greater capacity for renewable energy by providing grid stability. 

Throughout project implementation, Vector Powersmart were able to overcome many obstacles including disruptive Covid-19 related issues such as labour shortages, supplier and freight constraints and border restrictions. With a team of hard-working, dedicated people. local support, and backing of a well-maintained relationship with the Cook Island government, Vector Powersmart were able to complete this monumental project on spec.

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